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Does anybody make exhaust like this?

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Hey guys,

Have you seen this exhaust before?
It is made my Devil. I have seen it in person on a zx-10. It looks sick!! Anyway, I can't even find the twin exhaust on thier website. Does anyone else make a twin can, one side pipe for an SV1000?? Just wondering. I have a stock leader with Yosh pipes, but I really don't like how the stock header is all crumpled up to fit around the frame. I want to replace it, but I want something cool and unique. Any suggestions??
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This has come up before (thanks to me and some others). You're not the only one that likes the ducati twin can look.

You'll have to do something custom though. Laser, renegade, and Ixil make duals but they each go out on the sides near/under the tail.

If you wanna go cheap, buy some used ducati mufflers and get 'em custom welded. Expensive? Go buy some for another buy and get 'em custom welded. lol.

Good luck and keep us all updated if you decide to do it ;D
Hum, ok, I will post anything if I do it. I guess the problem isn't the welding, my friend has a really nice tig. I need to get an aftermarket header and then just start messing I guess. My biggest thing is I don't like the apparent poor flow of the stock header, but if I change that, I am gonna end up with a different can, so I might as well have cool can.

Am I right in saying that the stock header flows poorly? Like, would I feel a difference with a Yosh full system?
No, stock header flows pretty good; at least, I've yet to see anyone get good gains from a PC3/full system setup.
krooklyn had a setup like that at some point but I don't recall how it came about. Use advanced search to find posts he has made with "exhaust" in the body. It will be at lest a year old.
i want dual exhaust like the new aftermarket ones for the GSXRs and R6s. just a little megaphone under the driver pegs *drool*
I believe Indigo makes them as well or used to.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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