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Does a 2. gen clutch pack fit on a 3. gen?

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Hey there! I'm going to have to change out my clutch on my 2019 SV650, and was wondering if the 2. gen plates, fibers and clutch cover gasket fit onto mine? It's been way easier to find 2. gen parts for sale, so I was wondering if they would fit.
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We'll wait for someone who knows 100% but Im pretty sure the answer is yes regarding the plates and fibers, not so sure about the gasket as the engine casings could be slightly different?
I put the Yoyodyne slipper clutch out of my old Gen 2 race bike into the Gen 3 bike when I got it new. I'm pretty sure I remember measuring up the two plate stacks and they were much the same allowing for some wear on the Gen 2 plates. But that was three years ago and I've got a good forgetter on my shoulders lol.
partzilla shows different part numbers for 2g and sfv/3g
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