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DMV Inspection checklist

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Hi, I'm a new SV owner about to take my SV to DMV for inspection.
I have checked all the lights, break, tires.
Is there anything else I need to be aware of or check before the inspection? Please advise. Thanks!
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What means this "inspection"? :)

I had my SV inspected right after I bought it in 2002 and it's never been back since. Mostly because it would never pass now. :)
I've been pulled over a few times and the cop has never mentioned the lack of an inspection sticker.
None of my other bikes are inspected either and they would probably pass.
We don't due inspections on bikes here in California.....not YET anyway. Howzabout your exhaust? Does DE require certain emmissions standards and OEM mufflers on their inspections?

I would think the DMV would have a handbook or list of inspection subjects on their web site.
thanks for your replies...I checked the dmv website...and its a mandatory inspection for all vehicles being titled for first time in the state...they do vehicle emissions testing, check breaks, lights, tires & windshield.
varies with state, check the dmv motorcycle test manual and/or the AMA site.
DE does do emisions testing and sound testing.
I took my dad's harley through inspection while on mid-tour leave this past summer. we went to the new DMV and they were really cool about his pipes. They knew we had shoved steel wool in the baffles because no way would the screaming eagle pipes be that quiet (and the fact it would shoot out marble sized chunks of melted steel at the pipe).

Other things DE checks
plate location
your lisence info
brake check

the emissions crap usually is the hardest part and if you fail they gie you a sheet of what to fix and you take it home and fix it. really easy actually and if you return with that stub you skip the other testing and go back to the station that failed you.

I grew up in Delaware and Im actually a graduate of the last wilmington high school. I hear they are re-opening the school again to the public. I will be in DE in mid april, I have decided not to take the SV their since it is a 1000 mile trip from FT Campbell to wilmington. however if I do end up bringing it, be on the lookout for a yellow custom SV rolling around. or look for a Delaware meet thread I wil make
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also a trick to use would be to fill it with 93 or 94 octane and beat this **** out of it for 20 minutes then top off the gas with the same gas and go through that will clear out mos junk lingering around in your system
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