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Do not do this! Removing the Pink gear position wire from the plug will force the ECM to select the Neutral ignition timing and Neutral fuel maps at all times. Definitely not what you want.

The easiest way to add aTRE to the SV650 is install a 2.7k ohm resistor in-line on the Pink gear position sensor wire. Note, 2.7k ohms is different from the 6.8k posted most places on SV forums. 6.8k is for the SV1000, not the SV650. The SV650 gear position sensor has a different resistor set (lower across the board) than the SV1k so requires a smaller aTRE resistor value.

Basically the idea is to add resistance to the standard selected gear position resistor to make gears 1 thru 3 appear like 4th, 5th, or 6th.

- Adding less than 1k ohm will not bump 1st gear voltage high enough.

- Adding more than about 5.6k ohms will make 6th gear look like Neutral.

- 2.7k ohms is a good in-between value.

With 2.7k ohms installed:

1st = 3.78v (higher than stock 3rd gear, see chart below, good)

2nd = 3.83v

3rd = 3.94v

4th = 4.09v

5th = 4.40v

6th = 4.64v (lower than Neutral, good)

Here is the stock SV650 gear position voltage map for reference.

Is the 2.7k ohm resistor for all 650 Gens?

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