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So I am taking a queue from R0ckrat and making my small trips into one thread. These will all center around my daily rides out into the North West.

To Start:
Fathers Day Ride!

Fathers Day arrived and the Wife and kids came to me with a list of demands. They were that I needed to go for a ride, I needed to eat a good cheese burger and wash it down with a nice pint of beer.

I went with my go to destination and route, Astoria OR. Yah yah yah, I know this is like my 3rd trip up there. But it has a huge advantage in terms of dealing with traffic, food at the destination and the route. So far, I haven't found on that matches this.

My route:

I geared up in my new gear, My first real ride in it. So I will be making comments about it from time to time. I set my GPS Tracking (for wife) and worked on setting up my gopro to work with my new tank bag. My new tank bag is longer then the old one, so I was afraid my usual mounting spot would not work. But I was able to mount the camera and bag just fine by pushing the bag a little closer to me. After this trip I didn't notice the difference, so a win.

The trip up to Astoria was mostly uneventful. For those who haven't seen my first ride report, here is the video of the route I took.

For the most part it was the same, only difference is the roads were still wet when it was in the shadows of trees. But other then that the day and traffic matched that of the video.

Along the way I went out on a limb to see if I could grab a tag for the motorcycle picture game.

It wasn't till I was closer to Astoria where things changed. I rounded a corner and a little ways away was a deer standing on the edge of the road. I was like 'Where are you going to go buddy?' for an answer she decided to meander back to the shoulder and I just simply continued on my way. Always nice to see wildlife, especially when you are not in panic mode. I wish I could cut a piece of video for this, but my Go Pro deleted it!!! I put my go pro on loop and I guess that part was at the end of the storage. Lesson learned to pull over and save the video when running on that setting.

Shortly after the deer sighting it started to rain. Or maybe a more accurate description is that it was already raining and I rode into it. One minute it was sunny and dry and then after taking a turn i ran into a wall of rain. Thankfully I left the rain liner in my mesh jacket so no big worries. The liner worked well, at least for the rain I encountered. Stayed dry and warm. So worked out.

One of my first things I planned to do was get a picture from the Column looking out over the mountains in which I just came from.

Here is a similar view from previous ride:

I was hoping for a great day for a picture I could use for the Tag of the Week game. But because of the rain, all I would see is grey. Which doesn't help when you want to see GREEN So I ditched that idea and went to get lunch.

Downtown was busy. Circled the block a few times. There was this one woman standing in an empty spot that was aggravating every one since her whom ever she was saving it for obviously wasn't near by as I passed her like 3 times in my crisscross search for a spot. Small rant here but I am fine with this if your driver is circling around to you. But clearly they were quite a distance and not near by as she was standing there even after I found a spot.

Eventually after missing a few opportunities by not quite being in the right place an the right time I found a group loading up. Pulled to the side so not to block traffic, but make it clear that was the spot I was going for, and waited. Then an older couple came by and said that there is a spot next to their bikes and to park there. I knew where they were talking as it was right across from the Wet Dog where I wanted to eat. They said the owner said it was alright. Nice couple, thank them for the info.

Figured, I would give it a try. Worse case is I search again. I have time a plenty and I didn't want to be rude and take up an entire car spot if I didn't need to, so I gave it a try. Parked in the spot they mentioned, obviously motorcycle could only park there and the owner came out. I asked and she said no problem, park there as long as I needed too.

Now the store I parked in front of and the parking spots are on a pier. A wooden pier with gabs between the boards. So as I was getting my key into my pocket, I missed the pocket someone and my key goes flying. Hear it hit wood and then nothing else. I lost sight of it and didn't see it anywhere.

Now this is where those large gaps come into play. My first thought is, %^&* since these gaps are more then large enough for the key for simply fall through. Since I heard only one bounce and then nothing, I am now assuming the worst. Look around nothing. Don't see the key in sight. Look down between the gaps and nothing but water is under me.

Well, this is why I keep a hidden key. Go to retrieve it, mostly to give me piece of mind, and low and behold what is sitting under the rear tire! My key. Guess it bounced right between the tire and the board. I was thankful that I didn't loose my key and also wondering perhaps I should go to the casino as my luck is running hot today!

Well, maybe not as I might have just used it all up with finding my key. So I just went into the Wet Dog Brewery for lunch. It was packed. It is usually packed, but it was even more so no because of Fathers Day. I luckily found a spot at the bar. Ordered a good beer (trolley stout) and an avocado burger. It was great.

After dinner I called my Dad to wish him a happy Fathers Day. Then set out to ride some more. Went for a up and down the Lewis and Clark Rd.

No pictures, but a great ride. Along this route I put the odometer past 17,000 mile mark! Now it if officially the most miles on a single bike!

After that I set out to go back home. Again, back tracing the same route I took up. Along the way I stopped at a few places to get a pic for the tag of the week game.

This was just a pull off at the side of the road.

My next one was at Lee Wooden Park

Then stopped for a real break at the Jewel Wildlife Refuge

Had to take the liner out of my jacket because it was getting a little too warm with it in. It was much cooler with the liner out and could feel the breeze.

For most part the trip home was the normal low traffic I usually see. But just before Vernonia traffic seemed to come out of no where. Got stuck behind a car towing a trailer. Was behind them till a little out side of Vernonia before I was able to pass. Was free and clear for the fun parts between Vernonia and HWY 26.

Once on 26 it was its normal heavy traffic. Then there was a sign that mentioned a collision was ahead. Luckily this was just before the Banks turn off, so decided to detour my route. Normally I would take 26 to 217 and onto I5 to get home. But I took route through Banks, Forest Grove and to Gaston. From there I headed east to Sherwood and then Tualatin. Great ride and covered in my ride to Hagg Lake.

My route home:

Great ride all together. Many thanks for the Wife and Kids for the ride. I hope to post more of my adventures here.

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Silver Falls State Park and Wheatland Ferry

Yesterday went for another ride. This time headed south to loop around Silver Creek Falls.

For those not in this area, here is a map link to Silver Falls.

First went to have lunch in Salem with the Wife and Kids. Our favorite Mexican restaurant is there. After some great food I headed off east to loop up north through Sliver Falls State Park then over west to Wheatland ferry to complete a check on my list.

I left east on 22 to 214 that runs through Silver Falls Park and to Silverton, OR. Beautiful day with some traffic. But no where near what I was thinking would be out that day. Make a short clip to show the ride through.

Stopped on the way at one stop for a quick pic

My plan was to go through Silverton to Brooks and over to Wheatland Ferry. What ended up happening is that I got lost and ended up in Mt. Angle. Out side of Silverton I found an old covered bridge, Gallon House Bridge.

I found this while getting lost trying to get to Brooks. So a happy find. From there I thought I was going to Brooks, but ended up in Mt. Angle. This is a small town that is known for Oktoberfest. From there went to Brooks and to Wheatland Ferry.

I have been here before, just never actually got on the ferry. They accept cash only and it seems like I never have cash on me. Not even the $1 needed. But this time I did.

The Ferry itself

Looking south from the east bank of the Willamette River

Shot a video of the crossing.

From there I headed north home. Going through Dayton, Dundee, Newberg and Sherwood. I took the video of going through the various towns on my journey starting from Silverton, going to Mt. Angle, Brooks, Dayton, Dundee, and Newberg. Here is a quick video of that which shows the small towns I went into.

It was a great day with great food.

Enjoy :eek:ccasion14:

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So, it has been a while since I posted on here.

So last weekend I check of "Going Camping" off my list of todo's. I have been camping with my motorcycle before, but all the stuff was carried by car. This time was the first time I had all my gear with my on my motorcycle.

Here is my setup:

Where I went:,-121.9183897,11.5z

This was a camping trip with friends. Just simple ride up, hang out, and ride back type of thing. So, this is just a short post. Sorry, didn't bring the gopro (call it rider error in not charging it) and didn't stop to take any pictures other then at the start.

The setup is a little clunky looking. But it worked a lot better then I expected. Didn't feel any drag. The bike felt balanced. At speed and even in corners the SV still wanted to go and didn't seem to loose any of its agility. None of the worries of the weight being so high seem to pan out. So I give it a pass for doing what it needs to do. Probably more important it was the same going back, so the performance was easily reproducible.

Had a great time getting there. Had fun there. Ended on a great ride back. So I call it a win.

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I love that area, if you travel a little NE of Ripplebrook you'll encounter Hideaway Lake which was my childhood (and adult) traditional camping trip, in fact, if you google image search Hideaway Lake you'll see pictures of the remnants of the raft my brothers and I made. Every summer my dad and brothers would head out there for a week or so. It's usually really nice and quiet, although I do have to say when it became part of Thousand Trails it got much more popular. By the way, I'm here in Portland so we're basically neighbors.

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I love that area, if you travel a little NE of Ripplebrook you'll encounter Hideaway Lake which was my childhood (and adult) traditional camping trip, in fact, if you google image search Hideaway Lake you'll see pictures of the remnants of the raft my brothers and I made. Every summer my dad and brothers would head out there for a week or so. It's usually really nice and quiet, although I do have to say when it became part of Thousand Trails it got much more popular. By the way, I'm here in Portland so we're basically neighbors.
Sweet, nice to know someone is in the area.

Went back through that area again on Sunday. Great ride to Detroit Lake and back.

Though I did loose some bolts that held on my top rack. :(
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