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hey guys.
I just signed up for this forum. I've had my SV since April 2005, I put 18000 KM on this riding season, it was SWEET!

Anyway, recently, one of the bulbs (RPM) blew in my dash, I bought a replacement, havn't put it in yet due to it's cold in my garage,a nd I don't wanna sit there. Anyway, I got an idea to put colored bulbs in my dash, to change everything blue, I thought this would be cool mod. I went to the local shop and basically said that no, you can't get colored bulbs, that the color is provided by a colored disc behind the Instrument cluster.

I'm wondering if there is anyway to color the bulbs your self, safely, or if you can buy bulbs that will fit already colored, or if you can get different colored discs to fit in the dash.

Thanx for your time
Anxious for a reply.


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Just about all the auto parts stores now have the ricer bulbs that are of various colors. I actually have a 1st gen naked, and I'm not sure if it's the same for the S version gauges or not.

I put a blue bulb in the speedo, and an amber bulb in the tach. You really don't notice the blue that much, unless you look at the stock setup back-to-back at night. The tach bulb is a very small bulb that I could only find in white and amber. It really lights up the tach well.

They were easy to change, and they're only a few bucks. Try it, and see if you like it. Not a big deal if you don't.
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