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I bought a used SV with some aftermarket stuff on. I was not particularly happy about the exhaust -a a Devil carbon thing. Been told about the possibility of failure for carbon exhaust on V-twins.

So today I thought the engine felt a little down on power. Gave it some throttle to see if there was something. End result:

Entire core got ejected. It tumbled down the road at around 90 mph and was bent beyond repair.

The rivets wore through their holes. Nothing to hold it on.

Now my challenge is to find a replacement. Will it be possible to simply put on say a Leo Vince, or would there be a problem since one saws off the stock exhaust for these aftermarket ones? If there is a length difference I can see an issue. Any ideas on what my next course of action should be?

Have an excellent dealer/mechanic in town whom I trust. I suppose I could pay the man to get a proper fitting non carbon exhaust on.
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