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OK - Florida peeps, looking for a little help for Bike Week...

If you know anyone that has a Road King or similar and would like to make a little cash, I am in need of a bike to have on display. It will be indoors at the Vendor Pavilion, on the show floor near the central area where lots of other bikes will be on display. It would need to be on the floor for the length of the show, and we would like to put a few farkles on it (nothing that would damage, just LED under-lights and handlebar mount stuff). If you like the farkles, the owner can probably keep them, but they'd be mounted temporarily for the show, not fully installed unless the bike owner ask for that.

A daily rental rate can be arranged, to be discussed with the bike owner. The bike would not be ridden, just sitting on display. the local H-D dealer and Eagle Rider rates are just a little too steep for us for that week, and the logistics don't work - E.R. is closed the day the show breakdown happens, so we wouldn't be able to return the bike without staying over.

If you know anyone who has a clean H-D similar to a Road King (nothing fully faired, and the stock Road King handlebars are kind of what we are looking for) please put them in touch with me. PM me for an email address and/or cell number where I can be reached.

Thanks for reading!
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