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My K8 naked is gonna get a treat within the next 2 or 3 weeks - RT emus, Eibach springs, and fresh oil up front; and SOME sort of new aftermarket shock out back.

Here in Canada, options are kinda limited: pretty much only Elka or Penske at the 'high quality' end. Alternatives like Cogent do not have agencies up here, which makes rebuilds inconvenient. Both the Canadian and American Ohlins distributors have surprised me by saying they cannot supply a remote reservoir shock that'll fit my ABS-equipped bike, so that option is out.

I'm leaning towards the Penske Sport (damping-adjustable only; about C$800 up here). Penske gets very high praise on this site, and has lots of Cdn support, easy quick local rebuilds, etc. The price on the 2-way Elka is very tempting (about C$900), but I have heard a couple negative comments during my shopping (a. the shock is heavier than its competitors, and b. the local suspension specialist reckons they do some unspecified stuff internally that he didn't think was as 'top-end' as Penske or Ohlins). The 2-way Penske is about C$1100 locally, quite a bit more, but possible if I 'need' it.

My question is, do some of you have experience with BOTH "1-way" damping-adjustable-only shocks as well as 2-way and/or 3-way? Is the extra adjustability worth the extra expense, for an enthusiastic-but-non-racing rider? Does one notice 'fade' with the simpler emulsion-based 1-way units on hot days? on track days? after an hour or two (or 6?) of 'sporty' road riding? or never? I've read posts here saying good things about the Cogent shock, for instance (mostly just rebound adjustment), but never comparisons between the 'levels' of adjustability.

Btw, for context, I commute 2-3 days per week year round @ 30km/day, put on about 15,000 km/yr of 'spirited' road/highway riding/touring, and get out to 2-3 track days/yr. And I'm a late-middled-aged returnee rider with only 2 years "back in the saddle", so my experience base is low - but growing as fast as I can manage it!

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