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CVMA Racers inthis post. # 55, 76, 40, 31, 46, 114, 83

Before I get started on my Sept racing tome I wanted to give a big hats off to CVMA for putting on a great event. The club is getting better and better every round. Keep it up. And for anyone reading who is not racing, get your butt out here.

Sat Practice 1 Best Lap 2:09.
I was in practice group C which consists of riders with lap times between 2:01 and 2:09 minutes. I obviously have some work to do if I’m going to play with the B Group Kids. My goal for this first practice was to go out and work on some of the many things Dale # 25 pointed out to me. The primary one was to consistently “Hit my marks!!!!” I was also taking the time to video a fellow racer, Sofia #327, so she could see what she was doing compared to what I was doing on the track.

Sat Practice 2 Best Lap 2:09.
The phrase of the day for this session was Corner Speed, Corner Speed, and Corner Speed. Dustin #37 was very nice to point out that my corner speed is killing me (not his words exactly :p)and if I wanted to be competitive I needed to get in and out of the corners faster. So I spent the session trying to see how late I could brake going into the corners and then how soon I could get on the gas on my exit, oh and still hit my marks consistently. According to the lap times I wasn’t any faster but the session felt good and I was making progress. I now had a plan for qualifying. “GO FASTER”

Qualifying Best Lap Time 2:04
It was a good qualifying. I executed my plan “Go Faster” and I did go faster. Not as fast as I would have liked but the fastest I’ve gone on this bike and I felt good. I was also sure that I would get a pull by the faster guys during the race and drop another two seconds at least.

Race 2 - Formula 2
First lap CRASH FEST. Before I get started with how the race went I have to tell you how the first race attempt went. It starts with 12+ bikes freight training wheel to wheel from the start, through T15-14 and into the bowl when whoosh, the first rider goes off. I see him go up and over the bowl into a cloud of dirt but I only caught the dust on my camera (yeah for looking through the turn). As we come onto the back straight I wonder, for just a second, that they might red flag the race (which indicates there is a safety issue and we have to exit the track) but they don’t meaning the rider is probably ok. We continue on, 11+ bikes rolling through the back half of the course when the second crash happens. No details but I believe Michael #551 or Shane #114 comes in contact with Vincent #224 exiting T7. It could have also been the other way around but regardless two bikes go off. By the time the rest of us hit the front straight the red flag was out and we all had to come in for a time out.

Actual Race 2 - Formula 2, 10th Best Lap Time 2:04
I have a problem. And before you start running off about what you might think is I’m going cut you off and tell what it is. When I’m close to someone in a corner I tend to roll off the throttle to give them room. Kind of like when you’re in close traffic and someone squeezes in between you and the car in front of you. There is a tendency to slow. (I know I’m assuming you slow down. It is only an example.) As you might have guess, the result of doing this is the loss of exit speed and ultimately, me watching the group of bikes in front of me accelerate away. In this race, the closest riders in front of me were running lap times of 2:01. Once I let them get away I didn’t have a chance to get a pull that I could use to stay with them.

Race 11- Formula Twins, 14th
Oh my gosh! What a terrible race. It started off good with a lot motorcycles going incident free through the first turn. I was determined to learn from the first race(s) and stay on the throttle. It worked In the first lap and a half I had gotten by Brad #76 into T3 and as we exited T14 I was with the pack and on the rear wheel of Pittman # 40 and with my momentum I had it only took a little bit more throttle to get under him going into the bowl. As I exited the bowl with him not getting by me, I was like “Woo Hoo I passed someone” but my celebrating bit of a chunk out of my butt. I realize as I’m quickly approaching T12 and I need to turn but for some reason I don’t and run off on the inside of T11. DAMN it. I get back on the track and race to catch Scott #317, one of the two guys who got by me because I’m a dumb arse. I finally get under him in T5 and as luck would have it I ran off again coming out of T4. Really!!! Where is my head? Obviously not in this race. So back on the track I go again, finally getting by Scott for the last time in down the back straight. I muddle through the last of the laps to finish 14th. Looking at the video there is no reason I should have gone off either time. I just gave up on the turn instead of committing. Well with the first day of racing done I found myself with a lot of thinking to do and a lot of places I needed to improve.

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