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Cutting Stock Exhaust?

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I'm considering cutting down the stock exhaust on my 07 650 because I can't quite afford any aftermarket right now. I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on how to go about this. I plan of cleaning out the can. I saw a picture posted on here of it and if done right it looks sharp. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!
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I did mine the hard way with a hack saw and a hammer . . . I don't recommend doing it that way, so here's how I'd go about it

1. an angle grinder (can get one cheap at harbor freight) + cutting wheel + grinding wheel to finish it off when you're done
2. A drill
3. duct tape or something similar to tape over where you cut and avoid scratches
4. a riveter to put the cap back on
5. some RTV copper high temp silicone sealant to put it all together.

1. Decide if you're going to leave the interior baffle in or take it out (I took mine out as I started doing this only after a failed mufflerectomy). If you're going to take the baffle out, separate it from the outside of the muffler FIRST either with a hole saw or a hammer + screw driver.

I have some pictures too if you're interested.

I have some pictures too if you're interested.

2. Choose where you're going to cut the muffler. I think I cut mine to a final length of about 12 inches.

3. Tape around where you're going to cut, this will prevent you from scratching it up (as I did to mine).

4. Use the angle grinder + cutting wheel to cut around the line you taped. You only need to cut through outermost metal layer.

5. Pull out the guts of the muffler, carefully peel off the fiberglass packing and save it for later.

6. This is the hard part: you need to completely separate the insides of the muffler from the outer skin on the part you've just cut out. To do this, take your grinder and make a longitudinal cut down towards the muffler outlet. Using pliers peel off the steel outer skin. When you get to the end you'll note there are THREE spot welds holding the skin to the muffler. You'll have to grind these off to get it separated. This takes LOTS of patience and persistence!

7. cut the inner muffler to length, remove the inner baffle you have already broken loose.
**NOTE: if you want to do this you'll have to keep your muffler to 12-14 inches max as you will have to cut distal to the inner diaphragm (hard to explain, but this will make sense when you take it out).

8. Re-wrap the insides in the fiberglass (cut to length) and carefully stuff it back in. Put some copper silicone sealant on the end to get a good seal.

9. Grind the back edge of the muffler smooth.
**make sure to do this before drilling your rivet holes

10. Drill your rivet holes

11. put in your rivets

All in all it's a great mod. It's a little on the time heavy side, I'd say it's probably a weekend project if you have all the tools. Sounds fantastic though.
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Movie Clip

Final Product (before grinding it down to smooth out the
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Thank you very much this this!! Sounds like I've got a good project on my hands... I will probably end up doing this sometime in March. Greatly Appreciated! Thanks again!
I'm going to be doing the same thing this weekend... Tomorrow afternoon (when the rain comes back).
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