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I know there's been talk about a couple people saying that were going to make a cowl out of fiberglass or something. I'm just curious if anyone ever actually has? And would be willing to post pics? I've been wanting to make my own. I was planning on using the base of a junk seat, but was never able to find one. But after discovering that the striker from the 2006 GSXR600 is the same (which can be ordered separately) I'm thinking of taking this idea into full swing and just attaching it to my own base. I most definitely will not be using fiberglass though as I have no experience with-- metal is more my thing ;D

Any discouraging reasons why I shouldn't? It will also take awhile as I am extremely busy--but will hopefully have it down this summer should I decide to do it.

On a side note. Feel free to drop any design ideas. I'm usually pretty good with aesthetics but the butt end of the SV doesn't give much to go with other than a traditional "just cover it up" kind of style for a cowl--which is how it may end up because its the simplest.

Call me crazy if you must.
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