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So now that I am back on my feet, I figured that I would install a couple things I have had sitting around.
First is a Chinese carbon fiber fender extension for the GSXR front fender. Price was right and the install went fine using JB Weld.
Here she is

Removed the fender and washed it well

Looks funny with no fender

While the JB Weld set, opened up the Loobman and made sure all the bits were there

Took the rear hugger off

Found a location for the reservoir

Routing the hose. Gravity-fed, so make it downhill

Locating the feed head on the rear sprocket

All done!

JB Weld hard, fender reinstalled

That's pretty much it. Gonna go for a spin and try it out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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