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machining parts it neat, at least to me.
I wish i had time to learn ;D

that is all
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I was there till 6AM this morning(most of that was work related though). I re-made the program so it would cut it right this time and got a new block squared up and the hole drilled. I will re cut it Monday night if I get time.
I have PICS !!!;D

I finally got around to machining the part that Iakayak81 sent me the drawings for a couple of months ago. I had Iakayak81 come to my work Saturday night to help me out, but we had a little set back when I screwed up the first part. I got the 2nd block cut out tonight at work.

Sorry for the crappy cell pics

First view done:

2nd View cutting:

2nd View Finished:

It's Under There Somewhere ;D:

Ready To Cut Off:

Finished Part:

Other Side of Finished Part:

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How much does a block of alloy like that cost?
Right now until we get everything figured out we are just using scrap aluminum and steel that I have at work.

When we get everything finalized we are going to make the parts out of 6061 Aluminum. We looked up the prices and for us to get enough aluminum to make 3 sets of clutch and brake levers it's going to be around $60 or so.
I was a precision toolmaker for 15 years with the last 4 or 5 programming CNC lathes and mills in addition. Now I am a Datacommunications Analyst ... no dirt, better hours and a comfy chair in an airconditioned office.

With that said I still do the odd turning job on my bro-in-law's lathe. It is handy to have the skills for sure.
That's the nice part about my job. The shop I work in is extremly clean and climate controlled. I operate a Wire EDM machine so I spend about 60% of my time in a big comfy chair programming. The only bad part it is the hours.

I've been on 2nd and 3rd shifts for 5 and a half years now and it's not looking like I'll be moving anytime soon. The only good part is we get a shift differentail for working off shifts.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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