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I just put a handlebar kit on my 07 SV1K. I'm not a "tech" just average capable, have a decent shop and tools but I'm slow and careful. Took me 8 hours time over two days. Don't use that in any way to estimate shop time, I'm REALLY slow.

The big issue with just drilling the stock top yoke and mounting handlebars is that the stock throttle cable, clutch line and brake lines will not be long enough for normal (safe) routing. You have to get longer cables / lines and replace.

I bought this kit:

Excellent quality, all black to match my black 07 S model.

Here's the only involved bit if you go the full kit route with new top yoke and cables::
Replacing the clutch line is easier by removing the airbox and replacing the throttle cable is easier by loosening and tilting the throttle bodies to gain access, be ready for all that. Not challenging, just lot's of relays and hoses and routing and clamps etc. to pull and put back. Extra bonus is, with the airbox out of the way you can unplug the ignition switch from the harness and move the stock top yoke to the bench for unbolting the ignition (it's bolted in with red locktight, heat may be necessary, mine didn't need heat but I have a good tool and worked on the bench - need TORX security S-40 wrench, Motion Pro sells a nice quality set, get the "longs", use the short end in the bolt, long end for torque).

Getting the handlebar and controls and "lines" all sorted just takes time and trial and error to get everything routed properly with no binding, rubbing and min and full fork extension and full handlebar swing.

Oh and one gotcha: of course brake / clutch fluid is deadly on paint and plastic. I removed the nose fairing (15 min job) and I use a Mighti-Vac and "speed-bleeders" to clear all the lines and old towels over everything on the bike near the lines. Nitril gloves and lot's of paper shop towels ready when removing the old lines.

I kept the stock fairing and headlight for now but I can see that the stock S wiring harness has a connector that won't mate to the standard "three blade plug" on an aftermarket light. You'll have to do a bit of wire soldering / crimp connector (or these: work to put a "three blade plug" on the harness. Also you'll have to fabricate a bracket to hold the instrument pod, I haven't found one made by anyone other than Suzuki for the 03 N model. Not sayin' there isn't one - somewhere.

Here's a great place to look for top-shelf naked bike conversion parts: LSL makes a nice kit, headlights too. I went with CnC instead for looks, a great kit as well.

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