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This thread is worthless without MOAR pics. Lol

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Ask and you shall receive! I'll make an album of my favorite pictures to post here. In the mean-time, i post a lot of pictures on a dedicated instagram page.

I don't like the look of 2nd gen bikes, but you knocked it out of the park!

Very nicely done!:eek:ccasion14:
Quite a compliment, i really appreciate it!

Sweet bike!

(You should de-rust your front header so it looks even better!)
Thanks! Haha yea, it looks pretty hideous. I originally painted it with flat black high temp spray paint but that faded / rusted before long. I was considering getting them ceramic coated but i recently found out that the header and mid-pipe is stock not from the Full M4 exhaust.... with that being said, the M4 shop is local and I'm going to see if they'll sell me just the header / mid-pipe.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me! It's almost like an early birthday present! My birthday is this coming Friday :)

If you'd like to see more photos and keep up with future ones, check out my dedicated instagram account here. I'm hoping next year i can afford a nice Canon DSLR so i can take a wider range of shots.

Blue Dream has come a LONG way from when i got her (Could be a really cool calendar photo, but doesn't look anything like that anymore) to where she is at now.

Here's a mod list for anyone interested -

2005 SV650

- Full M4 Exhaust System w/ shortened Carbon Fiber Can
- Power Commander 5 w/ Custom tune (70hp / 43 lbs/t)
- Trail Tech Vapor Gauge

- Full GSXR 600 Front End w/ Brakes
- Stainless Steel Brake Lines
- Color Matched Front Brake Res Cover
- ZX6R Rear Shock

- GB Racing Engine Protection Kit
- Black Adjustable Levers
- Black Adjustable CNC Rear Sets
- D3 Racing Grips
- D3 Racing Bar Ends

- Puig Rear Carbon Tire Hugger
- Puig Front Carbon Tire Hugger
- Suzuki Seat Cowl
- SV650 Radiator Guard
- Black Twist-Off Gas Cap

I think that covers everything, i probably missed something. There's still a few mods left to go!

- Scotts Gold Steering Dampner
- Ermax Radiator Guards (On the fence - Should i or should i not?)
- Racetech Springs and Emulators for the GSXR Forks
- Dymag Performance UP7X Race Wheels
- Shortened Steel lines for the front
- New Brake Rotors
- Blue Radiator Hoses (Yes - No? I can't decide)

I also need to fix a few small things like the cracked rear tire hugger, the scrape on the gas tank and redo the paint that's chipping. All and all - she's almost complete!

There just miiiiiight be a race-motor in the works tooo :rock: (If so, should i paint the motor black?)


Thanks again for nominating Blue Dream SV of the Month!!!

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Bingo! It is indeed the 635 Express Lanes headed West. Crazy Jacks? Hell yea - they did my power commander / tune and i get all my tires there. Perhaps you saw my bike there and/or at a Ridesmart Track Day?
Is this super early in the morning? How on earth did you get it so empty?

Nice picture that is!

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Is this super early in the morning? How on earth did you get it so empty?

Nice picture that is!
I actually rode on it the day the opened it! There wasn't a SINGLE vehicle down there aside from me and my 4-5 buddies on our bikes. We got off and were standing in the middle of the lanes to snap a couple pictures :lmao:

This picture in particular was right before sunset. There was several cars but i waited to time it right with the lighting and no (only one) cars in the background.
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