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hey everyone,

just found this forum, and thought i'd jump on board.

i've been riding just over 6 years at this point. my first bike was a 2000 sv650. naked....simple...exactly what i needed to start on.

i rode the living shi* out of this bike. dropped her once...honed the riding skills...took trips. i loved this bike!

well since, i've purchased, rode, and sold a 2002 honda vfr interceptor. i now own and love my 2007 honda cbr 600rr....this bike is a BLAST! i'm not planning on selling her...but would like to get another sv650. i've been taken by the streetfighter look...dig it...looks great. i'm planning on converting the CBR to track. however, i still want to ride street. perfect idea to get a sv? i think so.

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