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Colorado Road Check -Who's Riding

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Its still winter here, but supposed to be 60 this week. Who else is riding (Denver/Springs/Pueblo...)?
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Rode about 150miles last weekend. Got a little cold/windy Saturday night. Looks like snow here tonight. Monday me and dominator6 are doing his front suspension in my garage. That should be prety cool!!!!
Dominator has a SV1000. We are replacing his springs, not sure about emulators, fork oil, and installing a GSXR rear shock. I figure I would learn from his bike so I can do it to mine:) You're welcome to stop by and check it out if you like. Just send me a pm.
Was out today starting at 9 a.m. Not too bad. By 1200 the weather was perfect for riding! Too bad traffic was bad today. I still enjoyed getting her out for a while today.
Works sucks. Great weather and i am stuck at work! Thursday we will be wrenching on an SV1000 in my garage. I took the day off for it. I had the bike out last night for about 30min just running errands around town. I really want this sand to go-away!
The weather here in the springs is really nice! A little windy but nothing big. I haven't been able to ride to work this whole week because of the kids and wife. Hopefully next week the weather will be the same.
Wi_Sci, were you on Woodman today? Dominator6 and I were heading west and seen a blue SV going east. It was around 2 I think?
This is for the folks that ride on 24 up into Woodland park and Deckers. I was talking to a fellow rider yesterday and they said that the people who live along the road into Deckers are sick of riders speeding through THEIR roads and have threatened to dump sand in the road. Not sure how true this is but I will be keeping an ear and eye out when I ride through there.

Just a heads up.
1 - 7 of 52 Posts
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