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ok so my clutch was acting funny and i figured it was in the slave or master. however in the middle of a ride, i changed gears and my basket cover went out far enough to lose contact with the first metal plate in the clutch plate set. the teeth didnt line up and hte first plate fell down not allowing the basket to go back. when squeezing the clutch it built up pressure and the handle would not budge because the piston had no pressure from clutch basket. i took of clutch cover and loosen the spring screws about 2 or 3 turns and the basket moves enough to realign the plate teeth with the cover teeth and everything when right back to normal. now is this a case of the springs not being torqued enough or were they over torqued. i could hear my basket rubbing against the cover when i pulled the clutch handle to the point of resistance. im kinda leaning towards not enough torque but im pretty sure i torqued them down to specs with a mechanic. also the clutch basket did get pulled but i do not have a basket pulling tool to hold it for the torque down to be accurate. can i put the bike in gear and let that force be enough for the basket torque down? i believe its around 100 foot pounds of torque off the top of my head.
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