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Clutch Lever ?

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ordered this one on ebay:

its exactly the same as stock, but when going to install it, it was WAY too snug and i had to force it into position, so it sticks and wont move freely. i put the broken one back on and it slid right in, so its just a little bit too big. i greased it and do you think it would be a good idea just to file it down a bit?
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Yeah I would

It seems much more dangerous to have a clutch lever that won't retract and I doubt you'll hurt it any.

You could also try prying the perch apart some, but filing it seems easier.
Just use a flat file and take down the thickness of the pivot a little bit at a time. Keep checking until it goes in freely.
that was my plan, just want to make sure that it won't be too rough when i'm done because i wouldn't want it to be scraping every time i change gears.
Had the same problem....took a dremel to it and problem solved.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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