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clocks to get naked for a k2 sv s

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hi all
im a bit new to moding bikes so pls bare with me
:hiding2: i came off my bike a coulpe of weeks ago now i used to havs a nice and spotles 2002 sv650 s in yellow, now that the front fairing and lights are now wreked ive decide to go for the naked look ive sorted out the head light and bracket all im stuck with is the speedo and handelbars

will the speedo of a gsxr k3 work
or am i beter off going for the vapor digi speedo
and the for the handel bars isue are the top yokes different to take the different handel bars o do you just get them moded ???
do i need to change any cables if i go for the high rise handel bars,dose any one know where i can get hold of a top yoke for the n model if i need 1
im in no rush for parts due to i came out worse than the bike:BangHead:
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in short, no- gsxr clocks wont work.
you're better off going with the vapor.
You need the top tree and cables from a 99-02 N.
will i need all the cables eg throttle ,clutch and choke ,on the throttle side will i need the whole throttle housing ???? or just the cable
Maybe I missed something, but why are you changing the handlebars? did they get damaged? if not I would run the same bars, (assuming you like them the way they are) then all you need to figure out is the headlight and speedo setup
the right hand bar is slightly bent so i would need a new 1 anyway ,ive got a bit of a back ake after going for a good burn with the lads and reading bits of the forum a few have recomended the higher handel bars ,but ive pirced a couple of top yoke kits and they arnt cheap to buy with no second hand parts available but im in no rush to buy at the moment i wont be riding for the next 3 months due to my little accident :oops:,

thanks for the help guys:lmao:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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