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I bought a set of SWATT clip-on bars about a month ago, and only just received them due to manufacturing problems. Has anyone else ordered or applied these bars or any like them?

i recieved mine yesterday, and have been told that they are universal, so can be used on either side. however, i cannot (nor can my bf or mates) work out how this is meant to be because of the taper/angle on the bars. as far as i can tell, i have been sent 2 right hand side bars...

can someone clarify this? it's doing my head in and all i want to do is have a set of clip-ons which work!! :'(

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Ok, thought about it some more, and really looked @ the pics. You got shipped a pair of right clip ons. Send the vendor the pics and they should exchange for a left one.

The vendor's probably thinking of the no-angle clip ons (thinking they're universal). With the 5 degree angle, they are left/right specific.

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