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Cleaning up the GSXR front end install with SWATT

So....I swapped a 2007GSXR750 front end onto my 2003 SV over the Winter. I used a 2005 GSXR1000 upper triple to allow the steering stops and ignition lock to work. I also drilled the upper to install my factory naked risers and bars. All was well except for one thing: The entire upper triple area looked cluttered as hell and really detracted from what should have been a clean mod.

So...I shopped for a solution and came up with this:

Cycle Cat billet upper for 2006-2006 GSXR1000 in black. On sale for $90.00!!!

SWATT 50mm clip ons with 3.5" of rise (places the bars about 1.25" lower than the naked bars...RIGHT where I wanted them. I had been looking for a bar with a slightly lower rise w/out luck. Did 99% of the install last night and am pleased. Please excuse the quality of the "after" photo as it was dark by then and I was tired.



One problem arose. I have Throttlemeister bar ends (the throttle side has a cruise control throttle lock built in) and they require 5mm exactly of "normal" bar ID to fit. The SWATT bars are bored out on each end to the "normal" ID but the bore only runs a little over an inch deep. SWATT is working on a set of bars for me with the proper depth bore as we speak. A week or so and I am good to go.
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