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took my bike out for a spin today and noticed it had a metallic clunk or pop. doesn't a bearing kinda pop when it is going out? it seems to come from the lower left side and you can feel it in the foot peg.
I put the ignition advancer key in a few months ago, something with that maybe?
it seems to happen only at low speed, or maybe i can't feel or hear it at higher speeds, like when leaving stoplights.

any ideas what to check?


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This is a really old thread, but I'm experiencing the same noise as this fella, so I decided to revive it. I only hear it at low speed, and I initially figured it was clutch rattle - except it sometimes happens at when I'm not touching the clutch, so I'm thinking clutch rattle is ruled out. It is louder and more dire sounding when I've got a passenger aboard. It sounds like something that is under tension is popping or slipping. I have a 2002 SVS. Thanks for your input. - Andre
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