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So I finally chopped my muffler. This is a great winter project that takes about three hours to do including time for a few beers. Here is a list of tools that I used:

Reciprocating saw with fine tooth blades
Hack saw
Dremel with cutting, grinding, and buffing tips
Standard screw driver
Vise grips
Pop-rivet gun
1/8” pop rivets
1/8” drill bits
Muffler tail pipe sealer
Masking tape
Adjustable pipe wring clamp thing for a cutting guide.

First get a tarp or blanket to protect the bike from the metal pieces and tools.
Second, you will have to peel back the stainless steel around the end of the exhaust. This stuff is TOUGH! I found that if you carefully cut out a piece first, it is easier to bend it back. I also cut a slit about every 1 ½” to make it easier to bend back. You can use a cut wheel on the dremel for this.
After you bent back the steel and the end cap is exposed, pull it out of the muffler. The innards wrapped in insulation should slide right out with a few pulls.
Now start the bike up and drive around your neighborhood with the megaphone muffler!
Mark off where you want to cut the exhaust and wrap masking tape around the exhaust. Place adjustable pipe clamp around exhaust to use as a guide when you make your cut.
Use reciprocating saw to cut the exhaust then use various dremel bits to smooth and even things out.
Place exhaust innards into bench vise and cut the end cap off. Measure the end cap and the inside of the remaining exhaust. Cut the remaining amount off of the end of the remaining exhaust innards.
Place everything back into the exhaust. Be sure to use the tail pipe sealer around the end cap before you put everything back in. Wipe excess sealer off before it dries.
Drill four 1/8” holes in an “X”, not a “+” pattern so that you can secure everything in place with pop-rivets.
Buff things out and she is ready to rock!


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cant wait to ride again in the spring... mines put up for the winter up in gypsum.. (im in denver, but dad has heated garage up there) NICELY DONE !
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