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Choice for my birthday...

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Did I make the right choice?? My parents gave me the choice of:

Morse Racing Switchblade Rear Stand


Powerbronze Belly Pan

I went for the more pracitical gift...the stand. I needed one, I didn't really need the belly pan, although it looks cool.
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take the belly pan....
I'd say you made the right choice with the stand. Very handy little dammit to have in the garage. Chain lubing is much easier and faster. Many maintenance tasks are easier when the bike is securely upright. The belly pan is cool as heck, but doesn't make life any easier.
Stand. It'll be useful for putting on that bellypan when you get it.

Plus that stand will stay with you when you get your next bike, and the next, and the next.....
Definitely made the right choice with the stand. Regular maintenance and cleaning will be much easier now. Lubing and adjusting your chain will be a breeze.

+1 on the stand because it's useful. Cosmetics can come later after you get your moto equipment.
Yep, good call going for the stand. Far more usefull!
The PB belly pan is far less impressive in the flesh (so to speak). You made the right choice.
i don't care for belly pans at all. good choice.
I just got my stands (second hand) and I love them. Make everything more usefull
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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