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I am looking to have the following work done for cheap to free. I know that's kind of rude to ask, but I'm almost dead broke, but still wanting to get this turned into a racebike. I am 90% there and just need a friend in the industry or someone with friends that could help. I will try to compensate as best I can. I'm not trying to scam anyone here and not just a cheapass. I have a lot of expenses that came up recently, but want to maintain my hobby.

I'm not trying to play the sympathy card here, but wanted to give you a reason of why I'm not just another poor adult wanting a free handout. I am a disabled Army Infantry veteran that served 5 years as an 11B with 2 tours to Iraq. I have had quite a few medical expenses that even the VA can't fully pay for. It's very hard for me to get a job with regular appointments and an active disability status. I do have my limbs, but have nerve damage so employers pretty much despise me.

I am a good mechanic, but my lack of tools really limits me. I am offering this bike for use, to anyone that would like to race it. The bike is completely legal and registered in my name to the DMV has plates etc... It will only be a racebike though. I'll do all the work on it, take it to the races, and still "own" the bike, but other than that someone can race it or even track day it, as long as they aren't malicious.

Bike Info
2006 SV650S
Steve ATRE
Power Commander III USB
M4 Full Exhaust Frame Sliders
PAIR Removed and Blocked plates
Stainless Steel Bolts
BMC Filters
Raised tank with no Airbox Snorkel
Everything torqued to specs and safety wired

There has been a lot more done to this bike, but I am rebuilding it (again) from ground up to be 100% race ready and this is my (new) starting point.

Work Needed

Remove any bushings
Remove dirt/oil/grease
Clean up all screw holes of old grease/loctite
Clean the grease out of the steering stem and swingarm holes
Rethread/Retap if necessary, some threads are stripped
The Left, Top, screw hole of the rearset does need rethreaded, it is missing material and was stripped out.
Remove the VIN number sticker plate on the left side
Leave the one on the steering stem that is engraved.
Remove all old paint and sand down any imperfections in the metal.
Left top of the frame has a deep scrape in it from the gas tank, smooth it out
Paint/Coat with scratch resistant

Swing Arm
Remove bushings
Remove dirt/oil/grease
Clean all screw holes of old grease/loctite
Remove old paint and sand down any imperfections in the metal
Paint/Coat with scratch resistant

I have race fairings of unknown brand. They are relatively well-made, but no SharkSkinz. I'd like to have custom fairings made if at all possible.

Future Upgrades
GSXR Forks w/ 4 Piston brakes
Upgraded Clutch and Brake Levers
Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Front and Rear Captured Wheel Spacers
520 Chain and Sprocket
Adjustable Suspension
Steering Dampener
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