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Re: changinf fork oil

i have an 01 650 svs, i want to change the fork oil, can i do this woithout removing the front tire, ive been told theres just a bolt on the fork i can remove and push the forks down and the oil will drain, is that true. also i dont have my owners manual but i found it says each fork takes 491 ml, is that correct level
In theory you can do it that way, in practice it turns into a real pain.

You're going to have to have a way to support the front end so that there's no weight on it, otherwise you you won't be able to get the fork caps off and on.
At that point it's much easier to pull the wheel, fender and forks off. Here's a step-by-step, just ignore the spring-specific parts.

With the stock springs set the level to 100mm.
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