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i have a 04 sv650s with 25k on her now,front brake pads have to be changed can someone explain step by step how i do this,and what brand of pads should i get.
:) As a Premier Vendor and Site Supporter, I am biased, but go for the HH Sintered Galfer Front Brake Pads, the prices are great, and the performance is well worth it,

Great bite and stopping power without the fade,

Changing your pads is not difficult, so do not be intimidated. It is an easy, do it yourself job.

Email me directly at [email protected] and I will be happy to help you out,

Here are the basic, simple steps,

If your have a set of rear spools, and a rear stand, set your bike up on it so that you have the bike standing up straight to work on, it is easiest.

If not, be creative, even a friend to sit on the bike will work in a pinch

Get your self some brake cleaner, from any auto parts store, and have some rags handy.

You are going to remove one caliper at a time, start by removing the first side of your bikes, brake caliper bolts, (2 of them), where they mount to the forks,

Wiggle the calipers loose, and remove from the rotor, and hold away from the wheel.

Note: Resist the urge, and do not Squeeze your front brake lever while performing the Brake Pad Swap.

Take a large flat screw driver or wide flat tool like a chisel, and work the existing pads apart until the pistons are fully retracted, without using excessive force.

Your 2004 SV650s should have a thicker steel pin, with a clip, holding in your brake pads. Remove the clip, extract the pin, remove the old brake pads.

Spray the brake cleaner on your rotors, and give them a quick wipe clean and dry,

Install the new brake pads with the HH Sintered sides facing each other in the calipers. Just like the old ones came out.

There is a right and a left set of brake pads for you bike, With Galfer 179 is Right Caliper, and 174 is Left Caliper.

Re-install the steel pin, and clip in your caliper,

Replace the caliper over the rotor, and tighten the Caliper Bolts into the forks,

I use blue loctite, and good and snug as the guideline, without going gorilla tight,

Repeat on the other caliper.

Hop on bike, Now pump up your brakes with your front brake lever. Done

Enjoy the ride, and best regards,
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