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Chain master link availability

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Does anyone know where I can order, for a reasonable price, online in Europe, a couple of rivet type master links for my SV650, DID 520V0 drive chain. I believe the correct master link would be a 520 ZJ. I cannot find them for less than about $20 each including shipping. Thanks, RJ
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OK, I did not receive any replies on my previous post, but I think I have now answered my own question. This may be helpful to other European SV riders.
I found a DID dealer in Italy, Moto Shop Italy, that sells for decent prices and shipping. I sent their customer service a question asking which DID rivet type master links are correct for a DID 520V0 chain, which came as original equipment on my new 2023 SV650. I explained that the color of the link, was of no concern to me and that I was just concerned that the part dimensionally fit correctly. This was their next day reply:

"Hello, your chain is the one fitted as original equipment, the equivalent is the VX which you can find at this link

Cordiali Saluti
Servizio Clienti"

I ordered 3 links and if they indeed are correct, I will order 3 more. I remove my chains at least once a year for a detailed cleaning. Cost of the 3 links with shipping was just a couple of Euro more than anywhere else I could find for just one correct fitting rivet master link. RJ
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