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I've owned and ridden lots of bikes. Started on a 94 600F2, R1, F4i, CR125 (MX) DRZ400sm, 08 ninja 250, CR250 (MX and SM) ,KTM 625SMC, 07 R6, Triumph Daytona 675.... I think that's all of them... Basically I've gone the full Gamete...

I've got 3 kids now and I need a machine that can do it all. Track days, cheap insurance, good gas mileage, low maintenance, drag race, light stunting, commuting, all with a cheap buy in price.

I think the SV650s take the cake. So I've pick up an 03 SV650s that was dropped on the right side when a newb was allowed to ride his buddies bike... Typical deer in the headlights never leaned a motorcycle before came into a corner "too fast" straightened up and rode it into the ditch... Upper fairing is cracked but plastic welded so mostly sound, brake lever bent, tires smoked, chain a little kinky etc from sitting for the last 2 years. But for $1500 who can complain right? It's still a clean title as it didn't touch the frame or major suspension parts.

coming off of the R6 and to some extente the 675 daytona I'm REALLY impressed with the mid range, off idle grunt of the SV. I think i can really dig the opened up sound of the thrumming twin through yosh pipe as well.

I'll be scouring through here for all the used parts I'll need as well as beating up ebay.
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