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So I got my Dynojet kit in, pulled the carbs (which is no small task let me tell you), installed the new main jets, and then went to pull the needles.

As we mostly know, you install the new needles with the existing hardware, well, the existing needles HAD NO hardware. :eek:

There was a number imprinted on it and after an internet search, turns out the needles were from a Kawasaki 500.

So I have a torn down bike, and need the white washer in order to continue with the rejetting (because the kit comes with the metal washer and e-ring).

The previous owner mentioned he had the bike rejetted, but I just installed a new exhaust and K&N air filter and wanted to do it right. No way to know the place he had it done used Kawi needles.

NOW, my question is, do any of you have two white washers (OEM Part 12 on bike bandit)? If so, I have pay pal.

I was going to check the local bike shops tomorrow and with the weather calling for rain for the next week or so here, I have time to get them in and installed correctly.

UUUGGHHH. NOthing is easy.

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