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can you use the 2Bros juicebox w/ wet or dry nitrous kit?

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can you use the juicebox with a wet or dry nitrous kit this is killing me because i just bought the juicebox and was about to buy a nitrous kit too. can't find any info on the subject any input?
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1st you own a SV1000 which is FI, you shouldnt even think of running a DRY kit, you will destroy that motor.
2nd N2O is not cheap and addictive, you will be spending lots of crazy stupid money on it.
3rd make sure you build it right. TPS, RPM sensor, Kill switch, good reliable sylinoids, a bottle heater w/ gauge.

If you are new to N2O I wouldnt recommend it on a bike, but hey its your money and life
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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