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Can the clutch switch be permanently closed?

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I am currently converting my race bike back to a street bike. When I was done installing the lights, horn, etc.... I went to start the bike and nothing. Then I realized clutch switch needed to be engaged, so I closed the switch with a piece of wire and it started straight away. So my question(s) is.....
Can I permanently close this circuit, and if so, could there be any possible side effects, or should I find the parts and put it back to stock?
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What was finally determined on the other thread is that the connection at the ECU from the starting circuit is passive. That is, no signal passes from the ECU when the clutch safety switch is either open or closed. A signal is fed to the ECU when both the clutch safety switch is closed (lever pulled in) AND the starter push button is depressed.

So you can just short out the switch.
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