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The VIN seller provided me does not get any matches from or
Is there any other way/site to check out motorcycle VIN?

And is this of concern if I dont check it? The title is clear.
Also where is the VIN located on the SV?

What do you people think of 4K for 2007 naked stock SV with just over 1000 miles?

Thanks in advance for any advise.

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AFAIK, there is no carfax equivalent for bikes. You can possibly call the local PD to make sure it's not stolen but that's about it.

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$4k for a 2007 is not too bad. I got my 2005 SV-n last summer for $3500, also stock.

If the seller is advertising $4k, you might try to talk it down lower.

To check the seller's honesty, ask to see pink slip. If seller doesn't have pink slip in hand, ask seller "why not?" Investigate it a little without letting the seller know you're suspicious of him.

If you haven't already, check for scratches or obvious signs of a crash, drop, or what not. Make sure not to ask the seller before you check. If you do find something suspicious of a drop, ask the seller "have you ever gotten into an accident or dropped the bike?". If seller says "no", inquire about the scratch. If seller cannot give you a good explanation, then leave. Seller may be trying to swindle you.

If you're not sure how to check out a used bike, here's what a guy advised in another Forum:
another forum Check the sprockets for wear (the teeth will be cupped at an angle).
Check the steering head for play (if loose then it usually means the guy likes to wheelie).
Check to make sure the radiator is straight and not cracked.
Look for dents in the wheels.
I always look for chicken strips to see how agressive a rider they are.
Look through the sight glass at the oil. Is it clear or is it black?
Overall is the bike spotless. If the person didn't clean the outside then the inside probably has had poor maintenance.
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