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Busa Shift Lever FAILURE--any ideas WHY it works for everyone else?

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Sorry to revive a thread that has been beaten to death, but I just got a Busa shifter 99-07 compatible, and it does NOT fit my 2005 SVS. Every thread I found on here lead me to believe that it would work, but alas, it did not. It's like the threads on the shift linkage rod are off. I can thread the linkage rod on to either the new shifter OR the arm-piece that attaches to the shaft that runs into the transmission. And YES I know they thread opposite directions on the linkage shaft. It is as though one of the threads on the linkage is at an angle-the angled threads fit perfectly into my OEM shifter, it will not fit into anything else. The non-angled threads fit fine into the Busa shifter, but then the angled threads won't feed into the shift arm, and vice versa. Anyone have a solution? I checked and re-checked this a couple of times I am at a loss. I cannot get the Busa shifter to seat itself unless I put it on the wrong side of the shift linkage. I know this is a bit confusing, but I don't know how else to explain it. Thankfully, I bought the Busa lever as a spare, but I would really like to get it working, or at least figure out where I can get a folding lever that will fit my bike....:mad:
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Nobody know whats going on here? Anybody with a Busa shifter want to chime in on where they got there lever, what year their SV is, that I should just delete this thread and eat the cost of this non-working Busa shifter. :)
Well, This is interesting....Is this the same shifter that you have?

....Because it should fit, unless the threads are defective.
I think I have the same shift levelr Bob_M posted on my 2005 SVS, and it went on with no problem.
Hmmm. I bought one that looks just like that, different ebay company though. I would post the exact seer/part, but of course hey do not have one for sale right now. Was the part made by VOLAR Motorsports? That is what my package says. Like I said, it will thread no problem with one side of the linkage, but then the other side of the linkage will not go into the socket arm leading to the tranny. I actually had an extra linkage I tried b/c I thought maybe it was damage to the threads on my linkage-no dice, it appears to be the threads in the shifter socket are designed to accept the wrong side of the linkage. I am not crazy that there seem to be two separate types of threads on each side of the linkage rod, right? It will accept my stock shift lever every time, perfectly. It's ticking me off a bit, because the seller has not returned my emails yet. I sure don't want to order another one to only find it's the same thing. On a lighter note, you can easily pull the ball and socket joint on these aftermarket levers, so If I can find one that threads i should be able to use the lever and just switch the socket joint out....meh, I just want to find one that works and not have to eat $30 on this shifter.
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