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I hope this is in the appropriate section. I didn't know if here or the race section is right. Anyhow this is my problem. I bought a 05 sv650 race bike in a few boxes. Alot of the parts were missing and so on and so forth. I put the motor in, inst a set of honda USD forks and radial brakes, GMD triple trees,
and then got to the wiring. i figured out how to get the bike to power up and the starter button to engage but I dont know how to power the fuel pump when I power the bike up. This bike has no ignition lock or key, just in case somebody says that. I researched on the ignition delete and came up with stuff for a carbed model but not for the fuel injected models. Inserting the resistor between the o/w and bl/w for that model. I don't want to fry my ecu by jumping random wires. Please help as I need this thing running for my race school in a week and a half. If you need proof as to the race condition I can provide pics of the build-up so far, as I am not a thief needing this info.
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