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Budget helmet recommendation

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I'm looking to buy a budget helmet under 100 bucks.
So many brands makes it increasingly confusing.

I did some research and understand I need to try it on to see how it fits me first. So planning to visit a couple of stores.

But still wanted to ask for some input from you guys on some good models/brands worth looking at. Don't want the salesman misleading me!
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Good idea to try on any potential helmets on prior to purchase. You will find the best deals online and not in local store (most likely). Check the clearances at , or any online retailer. If you are looking for a helmet (non-clearance) for under $100 you are going to get what you pay for. Personally, a better fit, comfort, ventilation, etc. are worth an extra $100-150 if you can afford it.

Check out kbc's vr-1 helmet. That would be my suggestion.
AFX FX-37DS DUAL SPORT for $100 is sweet.

Best budget helmet is HJC without a doubt.
Once you try some on and get an idea of size, check Ebay, Newenough, Motogearoutlet, and the various other online vendors for closeouts in your size. Make sure you try a few brands and even different models within that brand. You need to figure out if you have a round head or an oval head. Some helmets fit one shape or the other better and a large might fit you fine in one, and an XL will be needed in another.

A month ago, I snatched a very nice brand new Shark S800 helmet in my size for only $80 shipped. That was a $300 helmet when new.
Depends a lot on your head shape. Mine is pretty oval, and I tried a BUNCH of them on... Nothing was comfortable. I was thinking I would have to shell out $450 plus to find a helmet that even FIT! Then I found the Gmax... And the bonus us that they're cheap. So if you've got an oval mellon, Gmax might be the way to go.
Do you have a budget head? If you spend <$100, expect <$100 in protection, comfort, and fit.
Like it has already been said.......find a helmet that fits your head. You are looking for a helmet that is snug, it will loosen up a little bit over time. If there are any pressure points, spots on your head that hurt while wearing that helmet, it doesn't fit.

When you find one that fits your head, wear it in the store for twenty to thirty minutes or so. If it still feels good after that, make a note of the brand, model, and size. Then start your shopping.

You can have a six hundred dollar helmet, but if it fits like crap, you're not going to want to wear it.

Good luck.
I got a Scorpion EXO-400 for about $150. Feels great, looks great - -I think well worth it.
Do you have a budget head? If you spend <$100, expect <$100 in protection, comfort, and fit.

well on the protection part anyway.
i got a kbc vr-2 for #130 on close out from i think there around #90 now they were $270

i got lucky and it fit you should see if you can find one to try on and then buy online some people somepeople think this is not nice i think it depends.

i have also heard that the exo-400 is good for the price so you should probably go with one of those.
Go for a scorpion, I got my EXO-700 for $220...but the EXO-400 is even cheaper...I get a lot of compliments on my helmet. Great quality for the price.
ZOX has some pretty cool looking helmets for cheap
Icon Airframe is a decent helmet for the price.
I got a Scorpion EXO-400 for about $150. Feels great, looks great - -I think well worth it.
+1. Great helmet. Nice price. Snell rated, too.
I just came out from a local bike shop. Tried on bunch of different helmets they had, except ARAI's & SHOEI's which they had separately.

In the budget helmet category they had KBC & HJC (CS-R1 CL-SP CL-MAX I could feel the comfort difference as the price shot up from 90 to 140 bucks).
Both seemed to fit me well...couldn't tell much difference.

How are KBC helmets?...they felt equally good...any praise/rants on that brand??
Scorpion is a little more than that, maby about 160. But it is a shoei quality helmet for 160 bucks. Mine was 240 but with kevlar shell and better paint design. The basic Scorpion exo-700 starts around 160. It would be WAY better than anything you are going to get under 500. So it will be much better than any of the under 100 helmets.
Also I seemed to like the flip up helmets vs. full face fixed that you could open it fully up on a hot days when you come to stops....are there any disadvantages to buying a flip up vs full face, because the full face fixed ones seem more popular...
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