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Bryce's k2 Naked Build

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The SV is my first bike, and it has been a blast to learn on. I bought it from a guy at work and it needs a little more work than I thought. I have been riding around on it and just realized my right front brake caliper is just dangling, and the motor feels like it is in need of a tune up. The tank and body are in great shape, just one minor ding on the tank from a handlebar bump. After I get it all tuned up and cleaned, I will get some pics up. Then the off season I will start with the necessities; fender eliminator, short stem indicators, and a can. I don't plan on throwing too much cash into this, for being a new rider, I don't know what I will want to do next.

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Hi! I bought Bryce's bike, and ride it down to Ks the other weekend. Plan on using it as my track bike / for running around when I'm not bringing my girlfriend on the back. Its been a blast so far, now to make it my own. Thanks to Bryce for all the time and effort he put into the build I'll be glad to keep up on the thread if anyone is interested.
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