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Broken shifter lever/ footrest bracket

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So last time I rode my 2001 SV650/s I pulled into the driveway (gravel) a little hot & I wasn't properly squared up to the driveway, and I went down on the left side.

The shifter lever broke, as well as the footrest bracket to which the shifter lever and the footrest are attached. I looked up the bracket on the SV Rider schematic. On the drawing they label the part as 2; in the part description they give 2 options:

2-1 43521-19F00 Bracket, front footrest LH SV650SX/SY E28
2-2 43521-33E00 " " " " SV650x/y

So I'm confused on which one I need. ??? It's the 3rd schematic, Fig 34.
Also, looking for good places to buy parts on-line. Thanks!!!
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#30 on this fishe. Part #25600-33E00
I had the same thing happen to me and just drilled out the shifter lever and replaced it with a bolt and nut using the stock rubber. Many people have done the same thing. There is also a replacement lever you can get off Ebay that folds. Somebody will most likely throw you the link in a little bit.
2-1 43521-19F00 Bracket, front footrest LH SV650SX/SY E28
is the rearset triangle you want.. you can see where I put the S in bold, that's how you can tell the different models apart
Thanks for the help! :) I'm going to order up the part now. Unfortunately it probably won't be here by the weekend, and it's supposed to be sunny & above 50.
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