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I've got a weird issue.

Background. I have two identical 2004 SV1000s bike ( 1 for wifey and 1 for me). I moved from Detroit to Las Vegas in the middle of the summer. Bikes moved via Ryder truck by me. Bikes secured to the floor of the truck with front wheel chocks and tie downs. I know the brakes were working fine when I loaded. (Side note.. very scary driving up that narrow ramp to the high floor of the 26' truck...Commit and go!)

Someone else unloaded the bikes, so I don't know what the brake condition was at unload from the truck. Bikes were parked in a garage ever since. Reminder: Its very HOT in Vegas in June, July and August. I've been busy and haven't gone to use the bikes till now. When I went to use the bikes, there is very little brake pressure. The brakes are very spongy, and the reservoirs are absolutely full. This condition is the same on both front and rear brakes on BOTH bikes. I'm not sure if this issue occurred during the drive to Vegas or after sitting in the garage for a few months.

Any idea on what could cause this? Its like all the brake fluid has moved up the hoses from wheel cylinder to reservoir. The only thing that will do that is something pushing on the disc pads, right? I'm thinking this has something to do with the extreme heat?

And.. as I'm attempting to bleed the brakes, the wheel cylinders go dry and nothing is migrating down from the master cylinder reservoir, sigh.. I haven't yet removed the cover from the reservoirs, I was afraid I get major splash out. I haven't tried a vacuum pump yet, but I do have a wheel cylinder catch can set up for vacuum.

Anybody been here before? Many thanks,
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