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hey all.

i've been looking for a good pipe for a while now, and i seem to have found one: a good friend of mine has an oval carbon-fiber Micron can for a cbr-929rr that he's getting rid of, and after looking at it, i'm not sure why i can't use it on mine. the big advantage here is that it's A, a gorgeous pipe, and B, very cheap.

the bolt-on end of the pipe simply has a large round hole with three bolts. it'll be simple enough to fabricate a flange to fit that hole and those three bolts, weld a piece of pipe into the hole on the flange, and get a large sturdy pipe-clamp. my own bolt-on adapter, if you will.

my question -- how will an exhaust not designed for the SV affect the SV's performance? the 929rr is a very different beast indeed. looking at the pipe itself, there doesn't seem to be anything odd -- it's simply a straight hole going all the way through, of 4" in diameter or so, surrounded by the usual sound-baffling material. are pipes for the SV smaller or more restrictive, or is a muffler pretty much just a muffler, varying only by mounting method from one application to the next?

thanks a lot!

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