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Body Armor

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I am thinking of getting some body armor to wear underneath my leathers as they just have the foam armor pieces, anyone have any experiance with the SixSixOne Pressure Suit?

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Any one with an update on the comfort and percieved(hopefully not crash tested) effectiveness of the six six one pressure suit?
Jesse H said:
You know, you can buy GP type armor to replace your foam armor.

Probably costs the same, actually designed with motorcycling in mind and more comfortable to wear.
My teknic lightning jacket doesn't have removable armor...the foam armor is stitched into the jacket and doesn't have pockets to keep the armor in place if I did buy GP armor.
Storz said:
Well I have used the pressure suit now for about 400 miles worth of riding and I must say that I still really like it.  I had to remove the upper "vertebre" peice and trim the back protector down about 1.5" because it was slightly hitting the back of my helmet, now it fits perfect.  I wear it under my leathers and dont even notice that its there. It vents quite well as the jacket part of it is made of all mesh (again another reason to wear it under leathers)  Any other questions feel free to ask
How much additional protection to you percieve it gives you. In your opinion is it a must have...or just additional peace of mind?

If it was smoking hot you think there is any meaningful value in simply wearing the armor without the abrasion resistance of leather?
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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