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Hello, new to the site and looking for some help.
Ok, so I was out riding my (basically) stock '01 SVs all afternoon, one lovely saturday. On my way home, had to stop for gas. Topped off the tank with Premium, rode the bike home, approx 3-5 miles. Put her up for the night. Next day was another great day for a ride. Went to start her up, and the trouble started...
The bike turned over, but was idling pretty low. It was pretty warm out, so I didn't have the choke on. Cut the engine, set the choke, and restarted. Idle was low initially, but, started to rise. As soon as engine speed came up, it died. Tried to restart without choke, again, low idle. Tried to give it gas by twisting the throttle, again, it died. After several attemps to get it to rev using choke or throttle, now it won't turn over at all. All indicator lights are on, battery is good (just charged), starter is cranking, just can't get it to turn over.
Any suggestions?
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