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The last month of my life has completely changed..and its been exhilarating. :naughty: Every time I get on my bike I feel like I improve on some aspect of motorcycle riding. Not only has my confidence gone up, my motorcycle escapades has inspired my older brother to buy a motorcycle. I have named this desire to bike a buy called "Bike Fever". It's almost has if your joy from living the two wheel life radiates off you and other people around you to get the will to buy a motorcycle and join ya!

Anyways.. big bro had to one up me on his first bike by buying a 2012 Ducati Monster 796 ABS. I taught him everything I knew over a few days in a big parking lot, and a few roads close to his house. Finally got him out for a decent ride up to Bear Mountain to just give him a slight feel of the freedom you can experience, as well to show him some twisties :vroom:

complimentary photo of the day

has anyone else infected a close one with "BIKE FEVER" lol
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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