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Bike cuts out and dies

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My friend has a 04 Honda Shadow 750 Spirit. I rode it to work today just as a change of pace from my SV and to see if I experienced the problem he says he's having.

Basically after riding for 15 or so minutes at 70-80 mph the bike just cuts out and dies. While driving I downshift and pull in the clutch to basically pop the clutch and get it going again and it dies after some sputtering for a bit. I didn't experience the problem when going roughly 60 mph. Any ideas? Him and I are willing to check just about anything. He's had it at the mechanic's and what he thought the problem was didn't fix it. We were all basically thinking gummed up carbs, ignition probs or screwy valves.

Oh and I'm waiting on a Honda Shadow forum to let me post to ask them too.
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I have heard the 750's are prone to some internal engine problems, locking up engines. Cant remember what exactly the problem was though. Also check the plugs. My neighbors vstar 1300 was doing the same thing. Set of plugs fixed it.
Make sure he replaced both, lol. It sounds stupid, but the dealer towed my neighbors bike to the shop, replaced one spark plug and gave it back. Needless to say, 3 days later they had to come and get it again, just to replaced the other plug.
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