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for a few weeks
looking for a new bike to replace the SR 500

liking the SV650 or the SV650S

an 03 or newer

How many KM are the engines good for assuming the bike has been
cared for?
Any weak points to look for when viewing a bike?
Does the SVS only have the lower clip ons or does the SV have?
When are the major services due?
And what is done?

cheers and hope to be on a new ride soon

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If well maintained, these bikes can go well beyond 100k miles...
Weak points- R/R (regulator/rectifier), undersprung/non-adjustable suspension components
Yes, only SVS has clipons but swaps are common and easy
Major service- valve check/adjustment every 15k miles, may not even need adjustment for a few checks but you should still check, regular oil changes/consumables as needed (3k mile oil/filter changes, typical fluid and air filter intervals)

Good luck with the search!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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