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Become a professional motorcycle instructor! The California Motorcyclist Safety Program (CMSP) is looking for qualified individuals for a part-time to full-time career in Motorcycle Training! Many training sites in California (79 in total) need additional instructors to work for them.

The program management company Total Control Training Incorporated (TCTI) is seeking individuals that want to work for the CMSP as professional motorcycle Instructors, Most employment opportunities provide part time work, and select sites offer more hours that can add up to a full-time job. Certified instructors can work at multiple sites that offer the CMSP-MTC (Motorcyclist Training Course). The rate ranges from $21.00 to $30.00 per hour, based on the location of the site and the experience of the instructor. The rate will be determined after completion of all of the training required.

To become certified to teach the MTC, candidates will need to make a commitment in both time and resources. The process includes:

1. Candidates need to locate a site sponsor, TCTI will provide guidance to help create the relationship. Once a relationship is established candidates must complete the application process with the site sponsor and submit for a background check with the State of California that has to be cleared by the California Highway Patrol.

2. Candidates need to complete the Motorcyclist Training Course (MTC) offered by one of the training sites in your area (candidates can go to the sponsor’s school) as students and become familiar with the MTC course.

3. Candidates have to observe a live class and complete a written assignment of their observations which can also be completed at the sponsor’s site.

4. Candidates will need to take an intermediate or advanced level course that is offered by TCTI. This is to help develop their riding skills, and make sure that the candidates have a solid understanding of motorcycle related knowledge.

5. Candidates will need to read the book “Total Control” second edition which is the underpinnings of the program, and complete a written assignment based on the information in the book.

6. Candidates need to complete the Instructor Training Course (seven days of training, not in a row), which includes work on both classroom and riding portions of the MTC.

There is no guarantee of success, the training requires both physical and mental capabilities and demands a great deal of effort!

The total cost to each candidate can be up to $950 for all of the training expenses.

The required time investment is a total of 12 days (Not all at once) for all the training classes and assignments.

If you are an avid motorcycle rider, want to be more involved in the industry, and would enjoy helping others reach their goal of learning to ride a motorcycle this is a great way to be involved in the motorcycle community. Becoming a professional motorcycle instructor takes a lot of time and effort but it is very rewarding in multiple ways. You will improve your riding skills and overall motorcycle knowledge, and you will become a true professional. TCTI takes great pride and demands specific quality from all of our team members. We do this by sharing our knowledge and expertise with you. You become part of a diverse team with the goal of reducing motorcycle crashes, injuries and fatalities. The TCTI staff members and trainers have many years of motorcycle experience (our trainers have backgrounds that include motorcycle experience in street, dirt, and track riding/training).

We want to help you succeed in your goals to become an instructor and TCTI works very closely with all candidates to do their best to provide them with all they need to complete the training program successfully.

Attached is our application form. As a reminder you will need to talk to the training sites in your area and have one of them sponsor you, TCTI can assist you with this process.

Contact Mr. David Beyer at [email protected] to start the process today!
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