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For some time now, I have been having trouble shifting into Neutral at a stop. I would go into 1st and up into 2nd trying to find it, and would shift hard sometimes getting there. At first I thought it was time for an oil change, but that didn't make shifting any smoother. Then I thought my clutch plates were wearing out. I then found the bike wanting to move forward slightly while my clutch lever was pulled all the way in.

The lever also had a lot of free play. I wanted to adjust this to a better tension. After adjusting at the lever, I found that I barely needed to move the lever to shift gears. This adjustment also made shifting gears silky smooth. I now never have an issue shifting thru the gears at a stop and can hit neutral every time without needing to roll the bike forward or backwards at a stop.

So, I should've thought to adjust the clutch play first instead of jumping to conclusions that it had to be something else.
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