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Aztec 8 windscreen fits Dominator duals too.

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Title says it all. Seems like a no brainer, but I was a little nervous about compatibility and thought maybe some of you guys were too. I bought some dominators a few weeks ago and then recently bought the Aztec 8 windscreen to tidy up the front end. The website says the screen fits Scott's (Aztec8) 4" duals. The Dominators are listed as 3.5" diameter lights. Since the screen dips in the center and is molded like it is I was a bit worried it might not match up right. Of course, it did. The windscreen fits perfectly with the dominator lights, and as we all know the dominators are a bit cheaper than the Aztec kit. However, I think that perhaps the Aztec lights have a smaller hole for wiring (in the back) and thus they look a bit cleaner as far as wiring goes. I just put all my wires in "snake skin" to try to clean it up. The windscreen helps a tone to make the bike not look rigged.

Here are pics.

Shot of the back. It really does a good job of making the "s" guages look like they belong on a naked bike.

Hides all the wiring too.

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